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11 Stunning Empress Gin Cocktails to Impress Your Guests

Famous for its seductive indigo hue and fine botanical notes, this spirit provides a distinctive foundation for creating aesthetically pleasing and delectable drinks. This article examines several recipes that showcase its unique qualities, such as its capacity to mix well with a variety of mixers and its capacity to change color when citrus is added. These Empress Gin cocktails are ideal for adding elegance and flair to any gathering, guaranteeing a memorable and sophisticated drinking experience, whether you’re an experienced mixologist or a cocktail enthusiast looking to experiment with new flavors.

Yield: 1

11 Empress Gin Cocktails

Boozy Refreshing Purple Empress Highball Cocktail with Grapefruit and Gin.

Empress Gin cocktails are vibrant, aromatic concoctions, blending the gin's unique indigo hue with botanicals for visually stunning, refreshing drinks.

Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Empress Gin and Lychee Gimlet Cocktail
  • Gin Sidecar Cocktail with Empress Gin
  • Empress Gin Cocktail
  • Pacific Empress Gin and Tonic
  • French 75 Cocktail with Empress Gin
  • Spring Gin Punch
  • Empress Gin Sour Cocktail
  • Lavender Lemonade Cocktail
  • Grapefruit Empress Gin Cocktail
  • Ruby Alexander
  • Empress Mai Tai Cocktail


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11 Stunning Empress Gin Cocktails to Impress Your Guests

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